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Tops Pickle Sweet Lime - 400g. Glass Bottle

Rs. 190.00
Quick Overview

  • Prepared from tangy sweet limes and healthy mustard

  • Infused with aromatic spices for a mouth watering

  • Trans Fat-Free

  • Contains no artificial colours and no artificial

Rs. 190.00

Pickles, for generations, have been an ideal food condiment. Tops Sweet-Lime Pickle is prepared from sweet limes and is mixed with perfect blend of spices. The lip-smacking taste of Tops pickles will surely tickle your taste buds like never before and leave you craving for more!

Quick Overview
Tops Sweet Lime Pickle is prepared from sweet limes and blended with mustard oil for a mouth-watering taste.
Nutritional Facts Energy-196.28 kcal ,Protein 1.58g ,Carbohydrate 47.49g , Total sugars 35.21g , Added sugars 33.43g , Total fat 0.00g ,Saturated fat 0.00g ,Trans fat 0.00g ,Cholesterol 0.00mg ,Sodium 3740mg .,pack_size=400g.
Ingredients Lime Pieces 52%, Sugar 34%, Iodised Salt, Acidity Regulator (330) Ginger Paste, Bishop’s Weed, Red Chilli Powder - 0.7%, Turmeric Powder – 0.5%, Black Salt, Cumin Seed, Big Cardamom, Clove, Cinnamon, Spices and Condiments, Preservative (211).
Country of Manufacture India
USP (per gram) 0.480000