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Tops Milk Shake Mix Vanilla Flavour - 220g PET Bottle

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Quick Overview

  • Free from Saturated & Trans-Fat; Cholesterol

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Get ready for a refreshing SummerTreat with TOPS Vanilla Flavoured Milk Shake Mixes.

Quick Overview
Take 1 Glass(200 ml) of Cold/Hot Milk, Add 2 tbsp(20g) of MilkShake Mix, Blend with Blender and Enjoy delecious MilkShake
Nutritional Facts Energy-384 kcal ,Protein 1.45g ,Carbohydrate 94.51g , Total sugars 76.40g , Added sugars 70.00g , Total fat 0.04g ,Saturated fat 0.00g ,Trans fat 0.00g ,Cholesterol 0.00mg ,Sodium 190mg.,pack_size=220g.
Ingredients Refined sugar,Maltodextrin,Milk Solids-4%,Stabilizer(407),Maize Starch,
Country of Manufacture India
USP (per gram) 0.390000