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Tops Corn Starch - 100g. Mono Carton

Rs. 30.00
Quick Overview

  • Processed from dried whole corn kernels

  • Perfect thickening agent for all kinds of Soups, Gravies,
    Deserts, and Puddings

  • Tops Corn Flour can also be used to prepare Vegetable Stew and

  • Free from Saturated and Trans Fat

Rs. 30.00

Corn Starch is considered one of the main ingredients in Indian Cuisine. Tops Corn Starch is milled from dried whole corn kernels. Tops Corn Starch is used in Indian Dishes as a thickening agent. Mix with water and still it well, mix well with the dish or gravy to balance the consistency. This products is used for thickening soups, gravies, rich cake, deserts, puddings, etc.

Quick Overview
Tops Corn Flour is finely grounded white starch prepared from Maize kernels. Tops Corn Flour is a light white powder with an almost insipid flavour. Use it to thicken your base, Puddings, Cakes, or as a frying batter! Therefore, go ahead and get Tops Corn Flour
Nutritional Facts Energy-389 kcal, Fat- 0.00 g, Saturated Fat-0.00 g, Trans Fat-0.00 g, Protein-0.40g, Carbohydrates-96.83 g, Sugar- 0.00 g.,pack_size=100g
Ingredients Maize Starch
Country of Manufacture India
USP (per gram)