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Tops Choco Flakes - 26g. Pouch

Rs. 10.00
Quick Overview

  • Made
    with the goodness of cocoa and contains proteins and dietary
  • Quick and convenient breakfast option that is
    ready in minutes.
  • Contains No Added

Rs. 10.00

Tops Corn Flakes contains Proteins, Carbohydrates and Dietary Fibers which makes it a wholesome Breakfast option to keep you going through-out the day. Drink them in milk every morning and enjoy a delicious breakfast full of energy and goodness.

Quick Overview
Give your child's day a great start with these crunchy, power packed tasty Corn Flakes that’s hard to resist. They contain dietary fibers and proteins, thus enough to kick start your day.
Nutritional Facts Energy-384 kcal, Fat-0.80 g, Saturated Fat-0.50 g, Trans Fat-0.00 g, Monounsaturated Fat - 0.25g, Polyunsaturated Fat - 0.00g, Cholesterol - 0.00mg, Protein-9.72 g, Carbohydrates- 84.36 g, Sugar- 35.40g, Dietary Fiber - 4.82g, Sodium - 120.84 mg.,pack_size=26g.
Ingredients Whole Wheat Flour (Atta) - 29.5%, Refined Weat Flour (Maida) - 29.5%, Sugar, Cocoa Solids - 5.5%, Malt Extract, Iodised Salt, Caramel Color (150 d), and Antioxidant (320) CONTAINS PERMITTED NATURAL COLOR (150 d) AND ADDED NATURE - IDENTICAL FLAVOURING SUBSTANCES (Chocolate)
Country of Manufacture India
USP (per gram) 0.380000