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Tops Baking Powder - 100g.

Rs. 38.00
Quick Overview

  • Perfect agent for all kinds of baking products and

  • Perfect for Baking products like Cakes, Cookies, Breads, Loafs,
    Pakoras, Dhoklas, etc.

  • Excellent raising ability helps bake the richest, lightest and
    fluffiest dishes

  • Leaves no bitterness or residue in baked dishes

Rs. 38.00

Tops Baking Powder is used in the preparation of baked food items and Indian Snacks. It is used to add sponginess to Cakes, Cookies, Breads, Loafs, Pakoras, Dhoklas, etc. The product is available in variety of package sizes.

Quick Overview
Tops Baking Powder makes your cakes, pastries, naans and kulchas light and fluffy
Nutritional Facts Energy-146 kcal, Fat- 0.00 g, Saturated Fat-0.00 g, Trans Fat-0.00 g, Protein-0.17g, Carbohydrates-36.34 g, Sugar- 0.00 g.,pack_size=100g.
Ingredients Edible Starch, Raising Agent [500 (ii)] and Acidity Regulator (521).
Country of Manufacture India
USP (per gram) 0.380000