Different cuisines have their distinct ingredients, which holistically combines to give you a flavorsome dish. But, if one ingredient is lacking, then the whole taste of the dish get spoiled. One such important ingredient that you need to consider for imparting an acetic aroma to your dish is vinegar. Thus, at Tops, we offer you non-fruity vinegar that is of the finest quality.

So, add a splash of vinegar to your food for improving its flavour, along with preserving it for longer times. Not just this, vinegar also makes your food look appealing. But, there are different kinds of vinegar available, which have distinct personalities, so choose wisely.

We at Tops offer you two varieties of vinegar – White and Brown; choose the one you required for your specific dish. They are also a perfect accompaniment for different kind of food items and are mainly used in Chinese cuisines, for preserving pickles and so on. Moreover, adding vinegar to your food is healthy too, as it helps in curing many disorders and diseases. Most importantly, it has good anti-microbial properties, due to which it is used for preservation..

So, choose only the top quality vinegar to make a boring dish interesting with its amazing aroma.

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