Sweet or salty, Tops Vermicelli is your perfect kitchen partner for a delicious treat. A range of lip-smacking desserts and snacks can be prepared using vermicelli that too within few minutes. Relish the sweet and creamy taste of kheer, savor the taste of upma or delight your taste buds with delicious vegetable pulao using Tops vermicelli.

Our vermicelli is prepared using selected wheat and passed through a special process, which ensures they are non-sticky and do not form lumps during cooking. They serve as the perfect snack or breakfast partner, which can be enjoyed by everyone in the family. They are delicious and healthy at the same time, which also aids in digestion.

We offer two types of Vermicelli including Plain and Tops special Kesar Elaichi to meet the taste preferences of different people. Thus, delight in the taste of premium Kesar Elaichi Vermicelli that is flavoured to offer you a delicious sweet treat that you’ll love.

So, stop waiting and make a sweet or salty rich treat for your family, right at home using Tops premium Vermicelli.

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