Be it pakodas, noodles, burgers, samosas or any other snacks, the perfect snack partner is tomato ketchup. It can make any simple food yummy and wholesome with its sweet authentic taste. Thus, Tops offers premium Tomato ketchups, prepared from fresh tomatoes and 100% natural ingredients. Everyone loves to indulge in the feast of rich tomatoes, be it a kid or an adult. So, make their meal interesting and delicious by accompanying it with our tomato ketchup.

Our tomato ketchup can be added in making some simple recipes extraordinary like sandwiches, veggie rolls, noodles, pulao, vermicelli, and many more. Even there is no meal or snack that cannot be complemented with the sweet and rich taste of tomato ketchup.

Tops recognize the need of pure vegetarians and Jains hence offers Tops Tomato Ketchup NONG i.e. No Onion No Garlic sauce. This can even be enjoyed during fasts. If you are concerned over the health of your family, get your hands on Tops sauce, which is rich in nutrients and vitamins, thus making your family healthier.

To meet the particular needs of everyone, Tops tomato ketchup is offered in different quantities, so get your hands on one today to make your snack all the more delicious and lip-smacking.

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