The time has changed now and we all are moving towards globalization, where the shopping is now online, food is cooked with instant mixes and meals are a blend of different cuisines of the world. One of those which we love the most is Chinese, especially the noodles, which is enjoyed by both a child and an adult. Thus, Tops understands your need and came up with a premium quality product – plain noodles to help you prepare tasty food, right at home with such an ease.

Our plain noodles are 100% natural and highly nutritious. They are rich in carbohydrates and low in fat. So, treat your family with a feast of goodness and delicious noodles that are unmatchable. Adding a few vegetables to Tops plain noodles will enhance its nutrition, proteins, and fiber content, thus making your meal healthier.

We offer improved Tops plain noodles and premium taste Tops plain noodles in authentic Chinese taste. Both these variants are made from wheat flour and natural ingredients, thus are 100% vegetarian. So, what are you waiting for? Prepare lip-smacking noodles at home and rejoice in its great taste that will abolish the hunger pangs of your family in a yummy way.

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