Looking for some yummy dessert recipes for your child that gets ready in a go? Well, your wish is granted by Tops. Now, you can prepare lip-smacking jellies right at home with Tops Jelly. They are loved by people of every age, especially by kids. So, delight your child’s taste buds with a smooth, soft, and sensational jelly.

Available in a myriad of tempting flavours, Tops jelly will surely win your heart. Though jellies are prepared using animal extracts, but our jelly is fully vegetarian, so can be enjoyed by everyone, even pure-vegetarians. Moreover, Tops jelly can be prepared within minutes that too without refrigeration.  

In addition, they are healthy too and a great alternative to ice creams in summers. Jelly can even be enjoyed throughout the year. With just a few variations, a diverse range of dessert recipes can be prepared using Tops jelly like jelly custard, caramel jelly pie and so on.

We offer a varied range of extraordinary flavours of jelly like Black Currant, Strawberry, Mango, and Orange. Thus, stop waiting and try one new flavor every day to give your child and family a healthy yet delicious dessert, prepared right at home.


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