Vision and Mission

Tops vision, quite simply, is to be “The world's top food company, offering nutritious, superior tasting food to people everywhere.”

The vision is to feature Tops amongst the Top 3 food and beverage brands in India by 2020 and the world by 2030.

We are well on our way to realizing this vision, but there is more we must do to fully achieve it. Our mission is supported by our values, which define to the world, and to ourselves, who we are and what we stand for.

The Company

Today, the path-breaking spirit of Mr.B. M. Seth and Mrs. Chand Seth has brought immense popularity to Tops all over India, and in as many as 25 countries around the world. Changing lifestyles support demand for convenience foods. A simple statement, but as we steadily march on the path towards development, it holds so true. The trend towards smaller households, higher women participation in the workforce, and also an increasing number of bachelors and one-parent households, are contributing to an erosion of traditional patterns of eating. Food companies are coming up with new products that require little time but still evoke the aura of home cooking.

Therefore, the trend towards the sale of complete meals to be consumed at home is becoming increasingly evident, meeting consumer demands for convenience.

Luckily for us, agricultural production and food processing account for 30 percent of India's GDP and employ more than 70 per cent of its workforce. India is the second largest producer of fruits in the world after Brazil. In vegetables, India's production is exceeded only by that of China. Exploitation of this potential can bring about an era of prosperity, with the right mix of employment generation and profits. In this scenario, "The food processing industry will be one of the hinges of the Indian economy".

The Beginning

Our successful journey began under the dynamic leadership of Mr. B. M Seth.


Saga of success began when a young Mr. B. M Seth made his vision, his mission and ventured into the realm of high quality processed foods.

Over the Years

Riding high on this success, over the years, Tops Pickles, Tops Jams and Tops Sauces also became top favorites with food lovers across the country.

Served 25 Countries

Today, the path-breaking spirits of Mr. B.M Seth and Mrs. Chand Seth have brought immense popularity to Tops all over India, and in as many as 25 countries around the world.

Message from the Chairman & Managing Director

Our rich history, extensive food processing knowledge and
unparalleled dedication to quality sets us apart,and that's why the
world looks up to Tops as the food processing experts from India.

-Mr. B. M Seth

From locating the perfect fields to developing state-of-the-art
processing methods that ensure superior quality and consistent
flavor, we're committed to providing great-tasting products that
enrich your family's meals.

- Mr. Nitin Seth
Vice Chairman

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